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Not only has this company committed fraudulent act towards me but they put me in a really bad financial bind and cause me too close my bank account and I don't know how they got all of it my information but now I'm having to go through extremities who fix this Add comment

Yep ,they told me the same thang, But i had a different number The phone number was 206-209-2438 they ask me to go to the family dollars a iPad card and put 145.00 on it to get a loan for 3000 after I did they said something was wrong with my bank account so the told me to go back to put 275 on it they was talking about fees process fee I told them they will not get a penny from me well they said I will not get the 145 back until I pay the... Read more

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Scam email sent to me, today 4/1/2016 trying to steal $840.00 stating: I owed $840.00 to Cash Advance Inc." This is the last and final chance for you" "An arrest warrant will be issued on 4/5/2016." "You failed to respond to written warning on March 8, 2014." "If you fail to respond in the next 24 hours then we will register this case in court." "And we will be Emailing/Fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict... Read more

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I was contacted by a David Perry by e-mail. He stated that I had a loan that was already approved. All I needed to do was to send in the first payment to show that I was able to make the payments. I did that, and was then informed that I had to pay half of some sort of tax(?) on this. I proceeded to tell him that there was no way that there was any kind of tax like this on a loan. He then wanted to send the loan via online banking or by... Read more

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I received a call from a person stating to be from my local police department, who told me to call this number, 786-358-0441, immediately. AND that I had only 30 min. to do so. I was currently at work so I had to take a quick break. Freaking out, I called the number and asked for the man they told me to contact, Sam Wilson. I could barely understand him due to his accent. He informed me that I took out a loan online and the police department was... Read more

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Yup! This just happened to me .. He said I was approved for $4000 and my payment will be 199 a month .Also he definitely had my info. I said the same thing to him ( didn't trust it) because he ask me as well to send the $200 lol he also said he was going to send my loan documents to email "which they did" BUT! In that document Mr retardo sent ,it states that they simply need your verbal acceptance. They will NOT ask for pre payment in the form... Read more

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On Dec. 11,2015 I had a call from this number 201-984-7457 the company is US CASH ADVANCE Loan property(Cathy)the loan that I apply over the websit has been approve for $5000 for $202 a month for the next 28 months, and your Lic#is CA424. So the next day which Sat. Dec. 12, I had a call spoke with this guy Micheal Watson , he said you had approve for $5000 and my payment is $202 a mos. for 28 mos. He had all my information and he said to offer... Read more

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The people that work there are rude & scammers!! I had a guy tell me he spends $185 on hookers every night because I asked how can I get my money back that was sent to them. After they kept me on the phone with them for 30 min so that I could not stop the transaction. It takes exactly 30min to stop a transaction. They are crooks Add comment

Didnt even send my money Add comment

From December 2013 until today, I have received multiple e-mails threatening jail time; law suits on loans I never took. Normally, there is a phone number listed and I post this complaint on site. This one did not. Here is the e-mail OUTSTANDING AMOUNT : $1350.50 WARRANT ID :- MT82562668 which will be going to release on Wednesday 2015 noon 2 P.M. ATTENTION : ~~ This is the last and final chance for you. This Legal Proceedings... Read more

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