Our store began receiving calls from some middle eastern sounding man speaking relatively poor English on Monday asking for Staci. We have a cashier named Staci and they asked us to relay a message to her that the "legal dept" was calling for her and would call back. They would not leave a number. They called back 4 more times in a row.

On Tuesday it started happening again and I finally got involved when my assistant manager notified me about the calls and asked me to get them to stop calling. I answered the phone. There was a lot of noise in the background including a busy signal and I could hear other people talking and could hear my own voice being re-broad-casted in the "room" they were in. I asked who I was speaking with and was told the "legal dept" so I said "the legal dept from where?" and he said something in his gibberish and I said I needed a call back number (that is a law that they give it) so I could give the message to Staci. He refused and kept saying that she took out a payday loan and if I didn't cooperate they would "come after me".... Right!. So he hung up then called right back and started all over again, I got him to tell me it was "US Cash Advance". This happened about 20 times in the next 5 minutes with it finally culminating with him using the F word on me to which I told him he had no idea how way out of his league he was. I finally got a coaches whistle out and blew his brains out and he stopped calling. The touch tone #1 also works very effectively if held for about 10 seconds.

I googled US CASH ADVANCE and found many complaints and articles about this situation. I then proceeded to call the FCC and finally was directed to the FTC (1-877-382-4357) and filed a complaint. The young lady I spoke with informed me that they knew about this and that "everybody is looking for them". I told her about the harassing calls, how they were preventing us from conducting business and about his use of the F word on the phone (that adds to the charges) and told her if/when they ever caught them would she please let me know. They think they are using prepaid cell phones ( I disagree, it had to be a land line because they were hitting the redial button and literally were ringing the phone the same few seconds they hung up, you can't do that on a cell phone.) She stated that they have been very successful at getting "little old ladies who don't even know what a payday loan is" to pay them money. They call them and tell them that one of their kids is in big trouble and they need to pay this bill or else they are going to come and take away the house of the little old lady and they actually do it - they actually wire these bottom feeders money without even checking it out. Their drug of choice is wire transfer. These may be terrorist based in some way and then are using the money they steal to finance their operations.

The best advice from the FTC - "ignore it and it will go away" DON'T ENGAGE THEM. Just hang up. (or blow a coaches whistle into the receiver with all your might"

Anyone who gets contacted by this or anything similar please contact the FTC at 1-877-382-4357.

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Aug 30, 2014

I was getting these calls and one day I received 40 calls in a 2 hour period! My cell phone company changed my number (which I hated because I had this number for a long time). But these people had my social security number, DOB and my address! I reported it to the FTC and the person I talked to stated that they were getting a lot of complaints and that they were overwhelmed and are looking for ways to protect consumer and so far they are trying to educate people on these types of scams. When I called the company they stated that the scammers are just using that company to spam people.

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Aug 01, 2014

The numbers I heard from in the passed 2 days are
815-566-3404 reverses back to landline Belvidere IL
773-312-5364 landline Chicago IL
551-200-5734 Landline Jersey City NJ
217-960-6265 Landline Springfield IL
These numbers were all working as of today. I wrote down 4 Different names of people I was supposed to be talking to and when I looked up those names they all came back as living near or around these areas.

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Sep 16, 2014

Got a call from them too 323-325-3782

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Aug 01, 2014

I did phone number reverses on the numbers that were calling me from here and they all went back to Land Lines Also. I looked up the public records for the people I supposedly talked to and found that they all lived near the phone numbers I had reversed.

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Jul 21, 2014

I have reported daily many many numbers from reps that ALL have middle eastern phone co. plus FCC..they are still continuing is bunch of evidence..hope helps your case...
Here are more numbers and info to add to the lists i have already sent you...
Lending Network 745-966-7869--I reported to co. and was told does not exist
Advance Lending 202-241-1709--Does not exist
855-246-7852-Invalid no. 773-312-5018--Cannot get removed fr call list
763-335-1409-Invalid no. 310-510-9156--Disconnected no. 401-648-9484-Asked for name of co./hung up/refused to answer call back fr me 949-945-9112-No co name/mailbox full on call back fr me 573-767-0437-No co name/refused answer call back fr me 630-694-1357-Disconnected no. 213-217-9953-Call cannot be completed as dialed Here are others:Dandy Mini Mart 607-594-4641 disconnected....606-687-5987 Daily Jackpot 949-945-9112 Cash Advance & Medical-told not to call back repeatedly.. I have even been threatened by some of these people because i told them i was reporting their phone #'s to you plus fcc plus anybody else i can think of to help me stop them...All other agencies have been of no help whatsoever so far..

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Amy D

Jun 30, 2014 Portland, Oregon

There are so many calls coming in on these guys we are now supposed to call Consumer Financial Protection instead of FTC. Dial 855-411-2372. Please file and maybe they'll get these guys for good!!!!!

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Amy D

Jun 30, 2014 Portland, Oregon

This has been happening to me for the last 15 days. I ignore most of them but every once and a while (on the days where they come 5 and 10 mins apart starting at 5:30 a.m. I'll answer and yell at them. They always ask for "Tammy" (not me), it's always on my cell, they sometimes say I've been awarded $5k and sometimes that I have legal issues pending. All Middle Eastern. I've threatened, I've tried to get to a supervisor. It is insane. I filed with the do not call list but that takes 30 days. I tried Verizon (my cell carrier). They only allow you to block 5 numbers at a time and these guys use at least 30 to 40. Honestly, there has to be a way to stop this. Heaven forbid they reach someone who buys this ***. It is absolute harassment. I'm going to call the FTC and report my experience like others have done but since I see posts back to 2011 regarding this issue it appears that my choices are to see if the do not call either works or makes me rich or to change my phone number.

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Angry citizen

Jun 23, 2014

I also received an email with a copy of a warrant in it. These ppl called my mom 58 times in one evening wanting money. This needs to stop.

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Jun 09, 2014

I received an email in my spam fold from someone in the US District COurt stating a warrant had been issued for my arrest. I have never dealt with this loan company. It is odd that they would be sending me a copy of an arrest warrant which would clearly give me time to hide if I was trying to avid this company. These people are sick.

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May 16, 2014 Laramie, Wyoming

Where do they say their from these people say they are from Phoenix AR. the number they're using is 602-364-9671 are these people a ligament company or not

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May 14, 2014 Tewksbury, Massachusetts

I was just scammed by these dirt bags had tooget a green dot money card too show 1st payment so I did once done they were going too transfer money too my account in 15 minutes after 20 no money I called they said they had issues with there server and needed another 200 dollars too western union I said no and they took the 115 dollars onmy green dot card.

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May 08, 2014

North cash is a scam don't use them, I borrowed $200.00 and was told that I had to pay them back $260.00 when they took money from my account they took $2600.00, they return 2340 minus the money I owed for my pay day loan but now I am receiving phones call daily saying I still owe them, even though I have an email saying account paid in full. This has been a nightmare, and I am not the only one this is happening too! :( :(

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Apr 28, 2014 Modesto, California

I received tons of missed calls and messages from these guys do today I answered and almost fell for it till I told my boyfriend who is a cop and they called.back and they didn't believe he was the demanded ,1000 from me or they were going to arrest me at work and reposes my car and they said I vCard was a criminal and they also had my social security number these guys are idiots do the police are investigating it but they can't locate where the people are calling from with the numbers there calling from tricky bastards

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Mar 24, 2014 Chapman, Kansas

I received a call again today with another middle eastern gentleman saying I had fraud charges against me that I had an outstanding payday loan with us cash advance and have received 4 or 5 calls in the past using cash net and others that I don't recall because I was driving and unable to write down the info. I was contacted by Charles Anderson from a 855 number and there was also lots of background noise. :(

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Apr 21, 2014

I was just contacted by him today

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Mar 10, 2014 Del Valle, Texas

I received a call to day from a 616 number and stated that I owe 8,700 dollars and I ask with what company do I supposetly owe money to and he said us cash advance that I should be in jail n I told em first off I never got a loan and he says how did I get ur information n I told him u got it because I tried to get a loan yes but cant get one because I have bad credit and that's how u got my info n he said you should be in jail n I replied no people like you who r scammers should be in jail and im going to call the better business beaRU.n I hung up. :(

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Feb 06, 2014

I received a call yesterday at my job from a middle eastern man claiming I owed 467.00 for a 300.00 payday loan I never paid back. I told him I never received a pay day loan but I did apply for one. I asked him what day did I supposedly receive the money and he said he could not tell me that information. He told me he was calling from USA Cash Advance legal department in one phone call and in the other call he said he was calling from CASHNET. I called the number back and asked for a supervisor, I was put on hold and the same guy came on the line acting like a supervisor. His "name" is James Campbell and Mark Cooper and he can barely speak English. I asked for the business address and he gave me a address to the legal dept in NY but it was the wrong address. He called from 646-396-1626.

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Jan 31, 2014 Seattle, Washington

I got numerous calls about this a few months ago and filed a police report. now today I received an e-mail with the same information I am going to update my police report and file another fraud alert on my ss#. this is so crazy

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Jan 23, 2014

this is so crazy i as well received a call tonight from this so called legal department stating i owed them over 7000. These men were middle eastern decent speaking in poor english. The one man left me a voicemail stating how I or my attorney needed to return the call or I was going to be charged with over three felonys. He also stated that if i didn't take care of this matter god help me as to the trouble I was going to be in. I feel bad for elderly people who get sucked into this scam and actually pay these people.

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