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I'm very meticulous about managing my finances and keeping financial records very detailed.I got a call at my job, just about 10 minutes ago, from some Arab sounding guy, who claimed I had taken out a loan with US Cash Advance, and that since I had "violated the terms of agreement" to repay this "loan", they were preparing to move forward with legal action and if I lose the case, I would end up paying a total of over $500, to include the charges of a $136 loan that I supposedly accepted.

REALLY? $136 loan? Get the *** out of here. I told the guy straight up, that I wasnt paying them a *** penny for a loan that I never applied for, accepted, or received cash for.

He then got a little bit belligerent with me, at that point I just hung up on him.Don't let these rip-off artists scare you into giving away your money.


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Thank you to the previous posters. This number has been calling me nonstop for the past 10 minutes!! It's insane!


I got a called 3 times in 5 minutes last night at 11PM(who calls that late) from the phone # 662-278-0610 saying I had applied for an been approved for a loan I applied for on three calls left voicemails.

After the 3rd call I called them back and got some Arab guy on the phone who asked for my CC and SSN # to complete the loan process. I told the guy I never applied for a loan and to stop calling me. He told me he is given a list of people to call daily until they answer.

The phone calls had stopped so far but I received 6 text messages in 10 minutes last night which I opted out of via their instructions which have stopped so far.Scam artist.

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