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This female middle easterner called and stated that i owed 3000 dollars...wrong answer and when i started to respond she told me to shut up three times. I proceeded to tell her what i thought and she hung up.

I immediately received a phone call again unknown number and when i said hello, the male stated i need to speak to M FER and then my name. I am a police officer and well i didnt take it lightly....again told the piece of garbage what i thought, he told me what he ws going to do to my mother sexually and i flipped. I hung up and the phone calls continued to the tune of 20. I ignored all of them and about 4 hours later got another call and the male then provided me my personal info...and proceeded to tell me he ws going to post my info to terrorist groups and then his goal was to make me commit suicide before morning.

He then stated that he was going to come to my house with some African American males and beat me until i paid them...again i invited him to come and see me...they used profanity and language that would make a sailor blush. I will be notifying the FTC in the morning...I am pissed he knew it and I wish i knew where he was, I would take care of the problem for all of us.....

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God some of you need to grow up - seriously.

These morons called me last evening around 6 pm telling me that I owe for a loan and all the same hooey. He then said that I will be arrested on Monday and go to the courthouse. I called back today and asked who they are - California Law Group he stated. Then he said I will be getting my subpeona soon. I waited all day :( (sarcasm)

I called him a while ago and asked well where is the subpeona I am waiting all day - he put me on a fake hold - come back and said "My officers are on the way now to benefit" I said, "What?" He said my employer is benefit they are on the way now R O F L !!! I guess they are driving from Cali to Pa to find "benefit" - OMG I laughed so hard my eyes watered. When I called back he asked who is calling when I said my name he hung up! I have been having fun telling him I know what his game is and reported him to the Gov and if he calls me again he will be arrested. That is all you need to do - they will stop calling.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #220405

you are a police officer i loike to call you pigs.

Briarcliff, Texas, United States #219096

No i do not lie.....look at the BS against these idiots....I am not a terrorist and it appears that they are....rumor has it they are sponsoring terrorist organizations with what they collect

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219062

I am not a police officer. I got fired from this company. This whole letter is a lie.


i doubt that i would ever use this company but now i would never ever use them. To resort to bullying tactics is crazy and shows the company has no values or morals to to people or their customers

Briarcliff, Texas, United States #218216

YES Zachary I am sure that it isnt the mafia...and yes it is the correct company. And i did get the informaton recorded and it has bee turned over to an agent at the Joint Terrorism Task Force at the FBI.

I have no reason to lie about being a police officer, I have served for 25 yrs.

and Zachary I never borrowed money from that or any other company. Mafia, get a life..

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #218212

if you really are a police officer i am sure you know how to record and trace the call. Anyways what did he say he would do to your mother we want details. don't leave any of his perverted message out, yes african americans they are dangerous criminal but you if you are really a police officer you probably already know ths since half of thm ar in jail, but be careful if you are a pooice officer dont forget the gun to protect yourself.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #218210

Are you sure you got the correct company? Are you sure this company is not named Mafia. Sounds like you borrowed money from the mafia and did not pay them back.

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