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Received a voice mail today from someone with an accent so thick you would need a serrated knife to cut through it. I called back and they said I had taken out a loan with US Cash and was in default and now owed $8,000 dollars, that I was in violation of numerous state and federal laws, and I that I would have a visit from the police at my place of work.

Called US Cash, owe no such money and I will be removed from a call list, but the knew nothing of the call center with people with "American" names but thick accents. Revenge is good! They will be hearing from me , complaint filed with FTC, going to bank tomorrow to open different checking account, and will contact social security and anyone else I can think of.

These people do not know what the word harassment means. I teach 6th graders.....they don't stand a chance!

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Just a warning to those who is thinking to loan online. If the language is from India..BE CAREFUL.

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