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was called by several men with foregin accents, told that i own us cash advance money and was going to jail and court if i did not pay them with green dot card from walmart,walgeens etc, when i refused put some one claiming to be sheriff officer and that i was going to be aressted by them i receive seveal phone calls at home and work and the new some of my inforamtion at first i was scared and did not know what to do but i went online and did a look up and found this info about the scam and call them on it

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I was called by a number from a guy with a foregin saying that I owe us cash advance 500.00 from a loan that I hadn't even recieved..I was scared as *** because I'm only 19 I know I had never recieved any payday loan..

he knew some of my information and he threatened to call my job and get me fired and daid if I didn't pay they would sue me ...

I cursed him out and he said okay you don't have yo pay the money but give me a kiss.he said I want to f**k you and I am your neighbor from california and then hung up!


Getting calls as well,it's been about a month now. Same man different names at first he said his name was michael johnson, than it was mark anderson from the legal dept, the FBI, or the attorney office for u.s. cash advance. Stated that I need a lawyer because im being sued for a loan that I didnt pay. after I told him that I had no such loan. He stated that he will see me in court. He cant speak english, but got an American Name. The FBI dont make phone calls to make you pay a,loan. He got mad and hung up on me.

a mandid .undehave a american name


All of the above has happened to me as well.Now they are calling my job???

There has to be something that we can legally do about this because this is harassment.

If anyone knows a good lawyer or had any legal advice please email me


Today I have been recieveing calls from this legal team or comapnay with foreing accests saying that i owe money to a cash advance and if i did not pay I would arressted.I thought it was real so they said I could send a moneygram.

so when I ask for the money gram information they started fussing and yelling and would not give it to me, they knew my information and where I lived. that was very scary. said if I did not pay I would be aressted and be put in jail. Said I owed $900.

they keep calling every minute all day long. When I thought about it i just started hanging up..

This is a scam .said they were from the Clerk and associates law frim from south Craolina.


I just got a call from these people today from a 510 405 1226 for the 5th time saying the same thing it is a tru scam to get money from people and account info


I was also called today saying I had payday loans which I didnt pay and that there were three complaint against me from US Cash Advance.I never applied for a loan from them in the first place.

They all had foreign accents, could not understand them and I was told that I was going to be arrested I didnt pay $439.20 I just hung up on them.THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!


I got a phone call from cash advance they said they were debt collectors and I took a loan out that I refused to pay.I was told to go to walmart and send money through wire transfer.

I told them that I was going to call them first because I had not taken out a loan.

He got irrate with me and said if I didnt pay today I was going to be arrested.Didnt happen


Called today by US Cash Advance stating that I owe past due account.I asked for Moneygram 4digit code and the scammer got very irate.

Then he told me to address the moneyorder to a personal name Leslie Ingram, Dover Delaware. Was told it had to be paid today before 4:30 or I would be arrested. Did nit respond back and I kept getting calls every 5 seconds from several different phone numbers.

And no I haven't been arrested.True scam....


I have received multiple calls from US Cash Advance threatening me with jail, loss of job, and several lawsuits.They claim I owe them $1,000 for pay day loans that I didn't repay.

When I explained that this is not the case, they started yelling and threatening me again. Complete scam. Don't owe any pay day loans. They keep calling my work and threatening the receptionists.

Not sure what to do.When I hang up, they continue to call about every 5 seconds (literally).


I was also called today at work saying I had payday loans which I didnt pay and that there were three complaint against me from US Cash Advance.I never applied for a loan from them in the first place.

They all had foreign accents, could not understand them and I was told that I was going to be arrested at work if I didnt pay $5,000.00.

I just hung up on them.THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!

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