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These people started contacting me a couple of months ago. At first I just ignored them because something just didn't sound right in the messages they were leaving.

But then they started calling my job and leaving messages with the Human Resources Department. I accidently answered one the calls one day and this man identified himself as "Charlie Brown". That right there made me even more suspicious. I finally got them to tell me the name of the company that was supposedly suing me and low and behold this it was this same company.

I googled the name and found all of these postings. Now my question is HOW DO I GET THEM TO STOP CALLING ME, now that I know they are trying to scam me?

I filed a complaint with the FTC but not sure how to make them quit calling me. the FTC said to just not engage them but they still continue to call.

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some foreign guy called and said that i was going to jail tommarow if i did not pay for a loan i did not get. they are scammers and they have all your information.

notified the phone company had thier number blocked and trying to find out who this scammer is. please help.


I'm truly sad none can express just yesterday my husband applied for online personal loan and the company called the cash payday loan area code 3239848478 a man name Mark Cooper. So what happened they told my husband he's approved for $2000.00 in order for them to deposit the check in ouraccount he has to send $200.00 western union for personal verification so we did and the name was sent out the money was MUNNA LAL in India...I'm so sad I can't wait til ten tonight to check my account then I will call the FBI on this company..I just Googler this area code and its in Los Angeles California...what goes around comes around!


keep calling them back till they shut off their phone.


@ not do anything..they are SCAMMERS and they are trying to scare you. they are just taking advantage of everybody. Tell them "yeah sure" and hang up on them...


i was contacted by a forgin man this morning saying i was being suied in a califorina court and they needed to talk to my laywer i ask who is suiing me he said it was us cash advance said i owed them 478.00 if i didn't settle today i would be sued he wanted my drivers licesens number and i was to send the money western union within the hour here is the fax number he gave me 206 203-0734 his phone number is 650-425-1078 so what do i do now his name was bryan cooper i was to write a letter to frank jones and tell him i wanted to settle out of court and fax it to him within 1 hour

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