I am so tired of getting threats from companies I have never done business with and they will not listen or stop when I tell them to quit harassing me. They send gmail address type communication. It seems google will do something about this to protect consumers.here is a copy of their emailFinal Notice

Let me introduce myself. I am Senior Affidavit Processor Officer Mike Johnson State Investigation Department. As we were trying to reach you since a couple of days regarding a very serious matter about a lawsuit filed on your name stating that you are doing some fraud activities.

I am really very sorry to say you that you are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within couple of days. Your SSN is put on hold by US Government, so before something goes wrong I thought that I shall call you and notify you about this matter. But as I was not able to reach you I am sending you an final notification Email. It’s a legal matter you will be needed my help, so please write down my callback number is 786-467-8454 Ext 1001.

For the records you...

The Factual Basis for the complaints is as follows:-

count 1) Violation of federal I

banking regulation

count 2) Collateral cheque fraud

count 3) Theft by deception

At present, US Cash Advance is seeking either of the following remedies:-

1. All funds to be returned as per terms of initial contract.

2. be proceeded against to the fullest extent permissible by current Federal Banking Law.

as I was investigating your profile, I found you to be genuine person so it is my duty to help you out but for that I need some right answers from your side. Also we want to know your intentions?

So do you want to resolve this issue outside the court house, or you want to go to the court house with legal proceedings? This was a final notification Email to you as we found you to be genuine person as told you before. You can resolve the issue by paying out of Court Restitution Amount or the Settlement Amount as decide by the Court House? You have to give me a flat answer without any excuse.

Reply to me back on my phone number 786-467-8454 Ext 1001. or Email me.

Thank you.

Attorney:Mike Johnson

Number: 786-467-8454

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